Other models and things

I probably do spend too much time think of Willows, either because of that or in spite of that my workshop has a steady stream of spare parts and bits for Willows and other models that could help you if you need them.
 The plan is to list them here with pictures if I get the chance to take them. Both Willow and non Willow bits.
Willow Bits
Blue fuselage for a 1 piece tail Willow £75.  If you have a Willow and either want a spare or fancy an electric conversion.

Non Willow Bits-

2mm carbon snake inners 1.5m long.  Posting these isn’t practical but f you’d like me to bring them to a race let me know.

Carbon Ballast tube- 20mm tube 40cm long for over 1.5kg of lead.
Carbon Sock- 25mm I have 50m of this stuff in a roll.  Ideal for booms/ballast tubes or wing repairs. £1 per meter, £5 for 10mt.

  The sock is perfect for fuselage boon repairs where you don't want to leave a weak spot.