Colour schemes

The original plan for the Willow was to keep things as smooth and efficient as possible and so only offer the colour schemes shown here. 

As with all things with the Willow and new Harrier, things have come a long way.  We can now offer a much broader range of colour schemes, our builder will be happy to work with you and your own scheme.

The 3 basic layups are still available and whilst these have progressed a huge amount over time, the 3 options are still here (with the improved built weights I now go for the carbon skinned version for the Willows)-
All have the same excellent main spar in the wing and 2.4gig frendly fuz.

1, A fully glass skinned version

2 A carbon D box and glass skinned wings

3, A Carbon skinned option, which will have 93g skinned wings.