Getting your own Model

From foam wing to a fully molded racer- it's taken nearly 3 years of development  to produce the Willow to the point it is as today.  It's taken a great number of 'Beta' models and developing a strong partnership with FXmodels that has allowed the quality of the Willow to be consitantly improved and developed into a model we are proud of.

Getting it right includes sourcing european materials in truly international collaboration.  We're delighted to say the Willow is now available world wide. 
I am very proud of the fact that Willow quality has continued to improve over the last 3 years, it's this commitment to excellence that makes the gennuine Willows stand out-

I'm very happy to say that

Alb Modelltechnik GmbH are now distributing the Willow in Germany.  To contact them please mail or visit their website

In the UK please contact myself here (willowf3f at or mail

I'm pleased to say that Our US distributor is Soaring USA, Please contact

In Australia, as Falcon gliders are now closed I will be happy to supply Direct.
For the rest of the world please contact me and I will be happy to help
If you have any questions about the Willow or where to get one from please contact me directly and I'll do my dest to help you. One aims of the Willow was to make this kind of model more accessible and I'll continue to do this.