Monday, 4 November 2019

How much do you trust your wing?

 Sitting on your wing is one thing but getting your wife to stand on it!

  Here's a picture that shows a huge amount of faith in the strength of a Willow wing.  I can't imagine the trouble I'd get in trying to do this one at home!  If you can top this one please let me know!

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Old school testing

  You know when a builder is taking his work to heart. Just as I was watching the first storm of the winter raging I received this picture of Zhou strength testing a wing.

  It shows faith in his own building skills. I'm planning to get out and enjoy the strong winds as soon as possible- good to know the kit's up to the job!

Monday, 21 October 2019

full circle flying

  It’s been a heck of a 2 years but to show that things go full circle I’m back on Whitesheet hill in light air with a Merlin and an SOR and a big old grin.  Flying has been sparse since returning to the UK but it’s still a joy to fly good models in a beautify place- wherever that is in the world.  My return to the slopes with an SOR was delayed by my dropping my TX- you can take it all around the world safely but drop the dam thing in the garage!  Thanks to Mike Ridley, top service as always.

  I’ve been contacted by a couple of old friends with some pictures.  Milan Janek’s leaner Wizard compact fuselage looks really nice- you know that it’s going to be built to a great standard- I remember something about the first Compact fuselages being really slim.

  The Willow builder Zhou has sent me some building pictures to wet my appetite, I always like to see building pictures!  The Merlin I’ve been flying on my travels  proved itself to be a bullet proof top performer, which has flown in so many places and conditions that gives you a real trust and confidence in your model.