Friday, 20 November 2020

More wintery fun

   A fun morning playing with the Harrier while exercising.  A cold wind and I was determined to practise EM up-turns.  It's something I've threatened to do for a long time. Nordic, reversals, bank and yank I've played with them all but it felt like quite a plunge to pull up into a turn.

  Give it a go, the kick and pace out of the urn is amazing! I know that most of the better pilots have been using this for years but this old dog takes time to learn new tricks.

  My confidence in the Harrier now means that it wasn't until after one particularly fast run that I realised I'd failed to even flex the model, never mind bend or break it.  I do like the Harrier's roll rate- especially when I've got it pointed towards me 3/4 inverted and coming fast!

  I can't remember the last time I got back from any slope buzzing this much.  Now to be able to do it consistently or when there's a buzzer:-)

Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Steady progress on the new molds

   The cold weather is slowing down the preparation of the new molds.  With a project like this, its better to make it right than make it quick.

  I can't wait to get my hands on the new toy and my first full production Harrier too.  I could have a building fest over Christmas.

Monday, 2 November 2020

Storm flying with bad thumbs!

   Thanks to Ian Falconer for recording my attempts at storm flying.  The focus does improve on the second video.

  Not the best lift of the day but at 3.8kg she keeps on going!

Monday, 26 October 2020

Gliding 101


  There have been some absolute classic models designed and produced of around 2.5m span.  These have followed some differing design paths separated by many years.  The fabled Wizard Compact and Needle 100 are very different but very successful models.  Choosing between the 2 would be a tough choice!

  The Compact has been part of my fly fleet for many years, I love them.  On my last holiday on Lundy I soon started to wonder why I bothered to bring anything else!

  I love models of this size, they do seem to offer a wonderful balance of performance and sport flying fun.  I have raced my compact to good effect a number of times.  I haven’t been able to find a model of this size available with really appeals to me, so given the chance to help produce one it’s time to make one.

 The aim of the new model is to apply the design principals what have worked so well for the Harrier and to a smaller model of comparable size.

  The CAD files have been completed and molds are nearly ready and the test models shoud be ready to fly when the air starts to get nice and chilly in December.  Once there are some more pictures I’ll be sure to post them.

Setting up and having fun


  A chance to spend a few hours on the hill when the wind it blowing should never be scoffed at.  Over the past few weeks I’ve had a few chances to get out, taking the co-pilot has kept the flying time down but been good fun.

  Each time I’ve flown I’ve gone away and thought about the Harrier set-up so that the next time it’s been flown she’s been faster and better at resisting the slowing effects of my thumbs.  This Sunday the harrier felt ready to go.  Getting to know the production model has been an incremental process but the power of the tail has been great to feel.  The Harrier felt so comfortable with 900g of ballast and felt like it has a real step, were it went from fast to wow.

  Flying along side club mates, with their Pitbull 2’s is a help as a yard stick to compare the Harrier to is a huge help.  It did feel like the best thumbs in the best lift got the fastest flights- funny that!

  Stacking models to keep out of the rain!

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Best blow in months!

   The good winds this weekend gave me the chance to thrash the Harrier in some ballistic conditions.  Replacing lead with Tungsten both gave me some more go but also really test the harrier’s build quality one more time.  Bending those wings is such a tough job!


It was good to see fellow Whitesheet members out and flying Pitbull 2’s.  They have to be my favourite of the Baudis models produced.

  I’d like to say that I got some practise in before the winter racing series but I was having far too much fun.

Monday, 31 August 2020

Back to the important stuff

   The English open and racing was a lot of fun but this weekend it was time to spend time with a couple of co-pilots on the slope. 

  Luckily Emma is still happy with EPP, with a crash and a laugh every 10 seconds it's a good job!  I did get to fly the Harrier a couple of times, while she rested:-)  often after a race, models need a bit of time to tighten out some slop, the flight tech servos are still as solid as a rock. 

  A fun day and proof that the willow philosophy of maximising fun on the slope is the main aim.