Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Local Day Out

  A week’s paternity leave and time to finally get the Willow on my favourite local cliff.  Just 25m high ‘Wiz cliff’ gives you no hiding places, get it right and you go fast, get it wrong and you slow down.  Without a good night’s sleep a 2 weeks I was never going to stretch the Willow’s capabilities.  Her manners would be tested but she didn’t let me down.

  High Nordic turns, bank and yank or playful half pipes you really can get away with almost anything as you put a smile on your face.  I didn’t put any ballast in the Willow today but the clean efficiency of the Willow gave an impressive return.  Was iis fun- I can't remember the last ime I left a Wizard compact in the box all day!

 Less said about the flying the better but thanks to Phil taylor- here's a the sound of Willow int he english summer  Here

 With the first Willow wings that include carbon Sock being pressed tonight I just can’t wait!
  Some more pics here

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