Friday, 17 June 2011


  I shouldn’t be telling you this (This is the Willow site after all).  After a very welcome mail from the amazing JK a few weeks ago I’ve managed to sneak my new Artist 3 into the workshop.  Pics to follow when ‘She’ goes shopping for a new broomstick but after a good look at the Artist it’s stunning!
  Wing panels- light stiff and completely ready to just add a wiring loom and glue in your servos.  The surface finish is completely top draw and the deepest purple.
  Fuz- keeps the strips of ballast approach and the unique tail pins, secured from the side of the fuselage -you can look at the T9 ‘unique’ Martinet system for a pic J
  All the accessories are there so with my some Sanwa servos left i’ll be cracking on next to my carbon Willow (did I mention they’ll be landing next week).

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