Thursday, 13 October 2011

A little bit of fun with a wing

Now we've all heard the stories about how strong wings are- right?

So here's the plan, wait till the missus goes out then get your son to sit on a spare wing and see what happens.....

Not much flex at all.

So how about giving your camera to the boy and sitting on the wing yourself?

So a 17stone prop hands his camera over (feeling more nervous about the camera than the wing) and.....

yeah, the wing bent more this time! but not bad going and not a bad pic with a 4 year old on the camera!

I recon we'll be ready for thhe bigger ballast tubes and winter winds!


  1. Hi Ian
    you're a braver man than me!
    When do you expect the new spec Willows with the improved ballast tube to arrive in the country?

  2. Ian,

    Glass or Carbon for wing walking?