Saturday, 31 March 2012

champion of champions day 1

A very quick note on day 1 of the race.  Some challennging conditions in a cold northerly wind that never really came on the slope.

FTD with paul Garnett 34.XX as he made the most of the best lift off the day.  Even this couldn't get Paul ahead of Simon Thornton- Who leads the race.

most other pilots had a mixed bag of times from the low 40's to mid 50's. 

It was good to see 4 willows racing and in the hands of Adam and John Philips they delivered some excellent times and dealt with the conditions really well- resulting in a number of 40's- I'll tell you about my horror run in round 8 later:-)

  2 willows in the top 7- a great day for team willow and the battle between Adam and John tomorrow on Levisham should be a cracking one!

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