Sunday, 6 May 2012

A real fun day on the Crest

I'll post more later and sort through the pictures but what a great day's flying on the Wrecker and Crest today.

  I was there first and I have to admit that I'd forgotten just how fast you can go on the Wrecker in 10-15mph winds.  The Willow's agility made keeping it on line in the compression and go faster and faster.

  Meeting up with some freinds it was time for a trip to the Crest.  So little wind when you stand on the Crest and yet we were still putting Ballast in the WIllows.  I had the chance to re-maiden my carbon Willow between Adam ripping his on the edge and Alex maidening his- you couldn't get him to land after a few moments!

  You'd expect me to say this but in the lightest of air the Willow stayed up and went smoothly and efficiently, as the air built the Willows just go faster and you have the confidence to really put it on the edge- Yep I loved the day!

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  1. Excellent day out, Maiden went well - I can't wait to fly the Willow again!! Looking forward to seeing the other pics Ian.