Monday, 18 February 2013

A PB for me and national record for him!

  I’ll down load the pictures later but it’s a rare thing to be happy to see the month in law arriving.  Her arrival on Saturday cleared to house of mice and meant that I could be off to race on the crest on Sunday.  After a later start and trek through the fog to set up the course we were ready for what promised to be a bog day.  My first round followed my usual pattern of half a round of slow and then 5 legs of ballistic air.  Then round 3 and I finally managed to hold on to some good air for 10 legs and a sub 40 recorded. After years of plugging away with other people’s models, to do it with my own is very sweet.
  The big boys were showing some real style on the slope with models ballasted up to the legal maximum and some truly classy smooth flying mid and low thirty flights were becoming the norm.  Stefan held the slope record for about a minute with a 30.06 before Abbo seemed to put a jet in the back of his Caldera and ripped up a 28.75.
  Huge thanks have to go to AJ, turning up time after time to make sure the comps happen.  
  What a day!

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