Monday, 29 April 2013

Nothing to do but fly

  Sunday morning and I had a half day pass and a yearning for some variable air to test fly the new Willow- sounds mad I know.  It was time to get away and enjoy the Whitesheet SW bowl.  When I arrived the cold air was hardly being stirred by the breeze but the Willow was hurled into the sky and held it’s own.

  After the happy band of Whitesheet pilots started to arrive (thats Tony’s happy face) the wind picked up steadily and the Willow quickly settled into their groove as a played with the set up and enjoyed a bit of thermal spotting.

  It was great to have nothing on my mind except flying and tucking those flaps away on landing.  I have to say that seeing Whitesheet filling with pilots and being well used is a good sight to see.

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