Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A day off Willows

  With racing clashing with life and half term so the kids came out for a mornings flying at Whitesheet.  With the car full of child accessories it was time to choose the model that packs down the smallest.
  The 60inch model will be perfect for these times but it’s not here yet.
  My promised Schwing seems to have disappeared for some reason

  So it’s time to reach for my old reliable- Wizard Compact.  Yep I love these models and the cross tail I have needed a god thrashing.  Carbon D box wings on a Compact are as strong as carbon on most, so when we arrived to 40mph winds the only choice was how much ballast and how many stakes to keep the kids in place behind the Sportbrella.
  Excluding the Willow, the Compact is the model I’d have as my only model and Monday reminded me why- including the bit where I had to land without CROW.  Like driving a classic sports car, I’m a sucker for 2,5m span models-It has to be in the bag for days out.

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