Sunday, 23 June 2013

A sports fly and back to a new toy

Its been a frustrating spring that just about every race has clashed with work or life but I seem to have managed to fit in a lot of sports flying.  A trip out locally to meet up withh John Treble and Phil had John switching his models from self distruct to speed- some excellent flying John!

It would be cruel to mention that phil forgot to fit the elevator on his elipse 2T so SShhhh.

Back home and the Co-pilot has his eye on my new Opus GT, £400 for a model feels like a work of art  and has the toghest glass wing I have seen.  The Opus can give any 2m model a run for it's money on the backside butthis one will be my galeforc cliff flying model.

  I've got a 4 day pass for Lundy this year so the Opus should find it's way onto the island.

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