Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Just off the boat from Lundy

  Only 4 days on Lundy this year but that was enough to maiden the A1 Mini and get some reasonable air time setting up the Merlin.  I’ll ramble on about the 4 days later but..
  The willow was the most popular model- 7 models out of 12 flyers took a willow.  The A1 stayed up in almost nothing but felt solid and easy to fly.  The Merlin I loved!  It passed the ‘Willow Racing test’ of just been plane easy to fly so well that I was confident enough to pass the transmitter around to fly the one and only Willow currently made.  The look on my face after one flight on Lundy’s shear Southern edge told the story- and Scott coined the phrase ‘The Merlin is to F3F what cake is to a fat lads’ but that was after he'd hit himself with his combat wing!  (can’t think who he ment).
  To Linda and the Cubitts for organising the trip- thank you!

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