Saturday, 22 March 2014

a PB finish to a wild day

Just a few words after a wild day on Mickies.  I'll work on some pictures later, dodging rain hale and snow with the 35mph wind doing some interesting things from flight to flight and leg to leg.  I think just about all pilots had the air either coming on or going off part way through a run.  Its a huge testiment to the quality of f3f in the UK now that in testing conditions sub 40's are no longer a guarrantee to the top 5 or 10. 

  After starting with a 40 I thought that I'd blown my chance but with the wind straightening up for my last run, my long course still delivered a 38 with the model well on step and screaming.  I wasn't the only pilot with a PB either.

  Scores to come elsewhere but in the 5 years of the Champion of Champions have seen a real developement in UK f3f.

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