Monday, 30 June 2014

Sunshine at Whitesheet

  It s what summer days are meant for! Sunshine light breezes and enough thermal activity to keep you interested in launching.
  It was my first time out with the Willow 2 since the nationals and her first thermalling day.  I needn’t have worried, her handling more than made up for my thumbs and the controls remained crisp.  I was really pleased with how well the Willow reacted to lift and once found she took off really nicely.

  The warm weather and a good number of pilots, brought out by the Somerset Trophy, meant that I got to do some good model watching and catching up with people.  John Philips was test flying his Pike Precision- a lovely bit of kit made to look even better in the air
  The light winds also encouraged some blasts from the past like Jess Nicols to come out to the slope- with a 5 m Alpina electric to Maiden.  Some trimming still to do when I left but, in glide model she could really cover the sky.

  Seeing an old Algebra flying was fun- I used to fly one 25 years ago.

  Perhaps not the best day to practise pumping starts of F3F set up but a great days flying for exactly the same reasons.

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