Monday, 15 September 2014

A night on the Beer

A night on the Beer.
  I wouldn’t like to call it ‘training’ for the Welsh Open but the recent easterlies have given me the chance to re-maiden my Willow 2 over the cliffs at Beer.  The new Willow 2 wings and their internal horns looks pretty stunning to my very biased eyes.

  Launching a model off a cliff in light air is always a bit of a nervous one for the first flight but she went so well I was grinning away.  The sea lift was as smooth as ever so I could try out a few different turns and putting the willow back in the compression as I wanted to.- I really need the practise

  With the light fading for the last flight my camera didn’t do the sun setting over the cliffs justice, but you can’t knock the slope!


  1. Hi Ian, what part of the cliffs work in easterly ? The bit looking towards and down on Beer ? I thought the main bit from Beer head to Sidmouth was 170-190 ish ! Saving for a willow to replace my old Tragi 703 ��

  2. The southern most part of the cliff which faces east in clear enough to launch and gives some excellent lift.

    You have to walk back to the slightly higher ground to land a mouldie