Friday, 10 October 2014

Parts for Welsh Open repairs

  It's a happy day (as well as Friday).  After my damage at the Welsh Open I resisted my usual temptation to bodge up a quick repair on my Willow 2.  Instead I've waited for some new parts and a new fuselage to make a Jig out of.

  I've just collected a car filling box from Parcelforce and so howpfully next week I'll be getting down to some repairs.  It also means that as well as some Willow 2 models I have a spare joiner to fill with lead.  The plan is that as the Willow 2 so rarely flys un ballasted I might as well fill the joiner with 300g of lead.  This should help to get the maximim ballast capacity up (although I rarely use it all) and make life that little bit easier on the slope.

  If the repiar doesn't look too ugly I may post some pics.

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