Friday, 6 February 2015

Finishing off the southern winter league

  There always seems to have been a reason why I haven’t been able to make any races or even sports fly this winter.  But Sunday’s southern winter league gave me a chance I wasn’t going to miss.  I decided to fly my Merlin in the first few rounds, partly because it was the new version with the half yard joiner but because I just love flying it.  My Patched up Willow 2 was waiting in the wings for it’s call.
  As the brisk wind settled down to the forecast NNW, flying on Whitesheets’ WNW slope was always going to be a challenge as my comeback race.  The extra ballast capacity of the Merlin wasn’t used, mainly because of my lack of practise with 4.5kg models but plenty of other pilots were starting off the day at that weight.  I was soon wearing a wide grin, whatever model I chose, they’re just good to fly but I feel like I’m letting them down.
It’s on crossed days like these which show the improving standards of F3F pilots and the whole southern league.  This isn’t a soft option league any more.  A variety of styles and techniques were tried during the day as conditions changed.  When the air did occasionally square up and the times come down the good old reversals still seems to be the default setting of most pilots as things get fast.
  Although there were plenty of Needles, Baudis assemblies and Freestylers I think that Mark Treble and his Toxic deserve a mention.  When it comes to knowing the model and getting the most from it Mark has put the time in and is getting the rewards.
  Well done to Grommit for running the league in his uniquely relaxed- Baffled dad at his daughter's wedding style- an excellent day for everyone.
Now if I can just get the pictures to up load....

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