Monday, 14 December 2015

Storm Flying

  A break in the weather and I didn’t have to be asked twice if I wanted to get out for a morning’s flying.  So as the cloud base lifted I was heading out to find a suitably big cliff to match the weekend’s winds.

  Any thoughts of F3F practise soon went out of the window.  A heavily ballasted Willow 2 in these conditions is just too much fun! Huge vertical pumps were possible and the clouds touched a good few times.  The waves bellow the cliffs were looking very angry in these big conditions but they were long long way down!

  I always have in mind that these conditions I’d be flying my Merlin- in the past It’s had me grinning for hours in big air like that.  It’s testament to the easy handling of the Willow 2 that I ended up flying my newly finished race model.  You just have to be happy some days!

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