Monday, 26 October 2020

Setting up and having fun


  A chance to spend a few hours on the hill when the wind it blowing should never be scoffed at.  Over the past few weeks I’ve had a few chances to get out, taking the co-pilot has kept the flying time down but been good fun.

  Each time I’ve flown I’ve gone away and thought about the Harrier set-up so that the next time it’s been flown she’s been faster and better at resisting the slowing effects of my thumbs.  This Sunday the harrier felt ready to go.  Getting to know the production model has been an incremental process but the power of the tail has been great to feel.  The Harrier felt so comfortable with 900g of ballast and felt like it has a real step, were it went from fast to wow.

  Flying along side club mates, with their Pitbull 2’s is a help as a yard stick to compare the Harrier to is a huge help.  It did feel like the best thumbs in the best lift got the fastest flights- funny that!

  Stacking models to keep out of the rain!

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