Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A busy time and still flying!

      The chance of meeting the Dark Lord Dakin himself on the hill and seeing him do his stuff was not to be missed and he had Partland Ducking out of the way of his Caldera in no time. Portland seems to have been my main flying destination lately and on Sunday it was my cross tail Compact’s turn to go out to play.  I always forget how much I enjoy this model- stunning tracking and tank tough to give your confidence a boost.
  A quick look to my mail and it looks like Tony Fu’s first batch of Artist 3 models are winging there way over to him right now.

  In preparation to what should be the first commercial Willows being sent next week I’ve got a box of  Sanwa/Airtronics 94761 servos heading this way.  Defiantly my favourite wing servo and great for other models than the Willow- drop me a line if you’re building right now

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