Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Willows on the march

  After taking on Lundy the claim for the Willow altitude record has been claimed by Andy at 8,000ft.  Partly down to launching from the top of the Swiss alps, between drinks at Stefan Bertschi’s stag weekend.  Just goes to show you can’t put a good model down (especially when you’ve got a sports tube to fit it in).  Congratulation and good luck to Stefan.
  The Sanwa Servos are now here and the Willows on their way!  I’ll have mine flying for the Welsh open.  Tony Fu will have them in stock at the same time, although some technical issues are stopping him up-dating the web-site I understand.

  I’ve had to make do with a day at the beach and an evening with the Artist (only the camera phone with me) whilst I wait for Parcelforce.- It's a tough life.

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