Saturday, 30 June 2012

big day in Cornwall

  I'm starting to think of St Agnes head as one of my local slopes!  Arrangments were made to meet up with Roger and the lead loaded in the car.  After a great evening this week in light air on my local 'Wiz Cliff' the new 2 piece tail Willow felt pretty set up so it was time fobr a big hill on a good day.  For some reason Taking the Air one out always generates some good winds and St Agnes Head in 30-45mph winds is a big day.

  After Roger had thrashed his Caldera and I had given my Compact some air it was time for the Willow to get a good testing.

  80% ballast seemed like a good start point and the Willow just ate up the sky.  Yep I'm biased and should be able to fly the Willow but it's just so easy to fly smooth and fast!

Roger was ripping up the sky with his Elita (we were both flying at about 3.5kg) and really enjoying himself.  Scram had taken out his flying fish but his cross tail Compact looked to be calling him when I left!

  I can't wait for the next race now!

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