Monday, 4 June 2012

Shhh- don't tell the missus I drove back

  I couldn’t quite believe it myself either but after driving back from Cornwall with a car full of kids/missus/nappies yesterday I was heading back to Aggies for a morning’s Northerly flying.  The sun was out, the skies blue (ish) and a light breeze coming up the cliff face.  It was great to see Roger and a smattering of other local flyers- this is as friendly a flying site as I can remember.  I know this is the Willow blog but the first job of the day was to launch Rogers 2.5m(guess) Blanic ,  A jog to make sure there were no obvious pitch issues and she was away. I have an increasing itch to scratch when it comes to a heavy composite scalie and seeing this one really got me thinking.

  Time for some set up and fun flying with my new Willow.  Light silky smooth air is great for some set up and confidence building flying but mainly it’s a great thing to be doing in a stunning location.  Subsequent flights had me putting more ballast in the Willow- and then leaving it in as the air got lighter.  I have this Willow set up with quite a bit of diff and it really worked well to get the nose coming down around the turns and keep the momentum going.

  After a few more flights I remembered that last time I was up I’d forgotten to let Roger get his thumbs on a Willow and so I heaved off my main Willow and handed over the controls.  The most nerve wracking part for me was having to launch and fly without a neck strap- has to be a vote of confidence on the pilot and model!

  It’s always great to see such a wide range of models on a slope and enjoy some light hearted modelling banter.  Thanks for making me feel so welcome lads!

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