Thursday, 27 December 2012

A christmas blow out

May be it was the mulled wine talking or my sterling duty at the in-laws yesterday but and un-expected off of 'why don't you go flying' had me away and heading for the nearest slope before you could say Rudolf.

45mph winds and sunshine almost made me forget that I was ankle deep in mud but the Willow had 1kg of lead bolted in and she was away!  Necer mind F3F or any other practise, today was a day to enjoy the air and flying.  Launching without hilding your transmitter means you have to trust your model- I do!

  I was joined by Phil taylor and a guy dressed in red who'd done a lot of flying recently- I think we've discovered John Treble's secret!  John had a session with no damage to his Willow and looked to be really enjoying the flying.

 A good session's flying and great to just enjoy the energy and being out!

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