Monday, 3 December 2012

A Portland Thrash

Rather than sandbagging or shovelling snow this weekend it was off to Portland to meet up with Bob and enjoy a day on the cliffs.  With the wind spot on the cliff it was a day for using your lead and enjoying the guaranteed lift.  Although the set up of our Willows is very different both were howling around and as one of us flew the other often found ourselves explaining to passers by that they didn’t have engines. Bob’s Willow was the 2nd one out of the mold and although its had an eventful life it’s a fast one!

  Sea lift it great for practising your racing turns, get it right and your speed builds but get it wrong and you go slow.  But I’m not going to claim I was practising for competitive racing- we were having fun.  It may be because I’ve been flying the willows for a good while now but a model that goes this fast but is this easy to fly – you can’t go wrong.
  Now to go to Eastbourne next weekend or not.....

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