Monday, 12 August 2013

Ramblings of a Merlin Flyer

  I decided to make the most of the longer evenings whilst they’re long enough to get out after putting the kids to bed.  My appologies of this isn't too technical but I amm just enjoying my new Model.  My local cliff site is a small focussed slope with some very clearly defined compression.

  After a few flight scaring the sea gulls the Merlin was really ripping the edge and clearly showing me 2 things- she makes spotting lift so easy- the feedback when you go into the compression is positive and precise.  2, And when I got the turns right she doesn’t half ping back!
  I can’t wait to get the Merlin racing on the Wrecker (although I’m sure my thumbs will slow her down).
  Sunday evening and it was time to go in land and see how the set up changes from the coast would affect the Merlin on a chilled out evening.  Those pinging turns were still there when I build the speed up but even ballasted up to 3kg  the Merlin simply climbs away so easily inn lift.
  The ‘Speed’ settings make for very simple inverted flight and some inverted thermal turns and climbing away reminded me of my old cross tail acacia I just trust her!  If the cliffs are good practise for the Wrecker then I think I’ve been in training for the Mynd tooJ

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