Sunday, 25 August 2013

I'd like to call it practise but....

  Sunshine and a morning on the VR98 slope with the Merlins.  With the Protoype wings joined with a new tail on on my old Willow fuselage I had the excuse of some test flying as well as improving the sett up on the prototype Merlin.  The longer boom of the Willow fuselage really reminded me of how much I enjoy my Willow and it's feel.

  Light winds and sunsine on the VR will bring on thermals but when I arrived at 8:30 this wasn't an issue.

  Meeting some local guys was a great chance to relax and see them fly their models.  On what was my last flight a lightening breeze convinced me to push out and find my thermal- unlike on a race day I found it and as I tracked it ontot the slope wow!  The Merlin ripped and I loved it!

  Great thermal, great company, Great model!

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