Monday, 9 December 2013

A fun day at the races, some round wins and 2 of the top 3

  The second round of the Southern winter league has to go down as an excellent day out and race.  Starting off in the rain and with a couple of bad decisions by me must have put me dead last by the end of round 2 but watching John Philips win round 1 with his Merlin’s first ever competitive flight was fantastic.  JP was eventually just pipped to the win, followed by John Bennet.  Well done to Tony Livingston on the win.

  With John Bennett among those flying Willows there weren’t many rounds without a Willow racing model up there consistently beating the Pittbulls/freestylers and the like.  It was pretty clear that it was my thumbs and settings that were holding the Merlin back and so some serious tweaking went on and I started to mix things up at the top of the field.  Including some interesting private battles with Martin Drewitt’s Pit bull and Tony’s Freestyler.  I think the discards were the difference that put Martin ahead of me.

  I know that the Willow is pretty vise less on the course but variable and intermediate conditions like those on Sunday were a good test for the Merlin- she passed without a second thought.  JP was flying his hill hugging/grass cutting style with confidence.  My own flying really benefitted from the Merlin’s forgiving nature in the turn and excellent energy retention- there aren’t many models that let you get away with a full yank as you fly past the base.
  With 8 rounds ad bacon butties provided by Joe and Linda you can understand the smiles on the way home!

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