Monday, 30 December 2013


  Full of turkey and mince pies again- it must be ready for the Wooliebacks.  My first pass since the last round of the southern winter league was given and while with Geoff Boycotts optimistic words keeping me company I headed out.  I’d forgotten how cold Wales can be, luckily the dark Lord arrived and commanded the frost to clear and wind to come on to Mickies- it did!

  I’d love to say that for 10 rounds off very varied conditions I got the poor air every round but I just didn’t fly that well and I’m still setting the Merlin up.  When I did get it right then the Merlin took off and was blistering.  Martin flew his Merlin to show the EM turn ability and impressed thee watching crowd- I’m going to have to find time to get out and practice those turns!

  Whilst I was setting up and playing with the Merlin, Greg, Simon and Martin were giving a master class on Flying mixed air- often with models that put your back out when you launched them!

Martin had his game face on but I think Andy was still upset he didn't get to show off his Christmas mankini!
  It was a great pitty that AJ’s Elita let him down before the race started and our pilot numbers were down by 1- but too then sit and CD pretty much the whole event- someone buy that man a drink!
   An Excellent day all round!

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