Sunday, 5 January 2014

Getting out before the next Storm

A break in the rain and storms had me on Beer Head by 8.30 in the morning this Sunday.  With the car park impassable, the 30mph winds smack on the hill reminds you of how much II enjoy throwing a model around with full ballast!

  After last week’s Wooliebbacks highlighted some set up issues and just plain lack of practice the chance to thrash the Merlin in smooth sea lift was not too be missed.  It’s a lot easier without the buzzing and stopwatch!
  The set up felt really nice and adjusting the differential mid flight on the multiplex radio makes things really easy to set up.  The Merlin really reminds me of my excellent old Sting.  Driving through the turns and she pings and pulls around the corners so reliably!  A happy day today!

Next storm soming up the coast- time to go!

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