Friday, 1 August 2014

An Evenings fun

I’m pacing up and down waiting for the new Willow 2 batch to arrive.  One of the sets of new wings are going to be mine (still a couple of the willow 2 models available at £550).
  A summer evening’s flying was called for and so I found myself at Peak Hill being spoken to by a strange local  about his flying botched job of a model.  I’ve never really ‘got’ Peak hill, it’s a slope which is always given as an answer to ‘I’m in Devon where should I fly’ but it’s easily described as Whitesheet with a shallower slope and flint rocks liberally scattered across it.
  As the wind was dying off I didn’t fancy the Atlantic as my land out option.  The Willow 2 was launched, a glance at my watch soon told me I’d been enjoying the variable lift for nearly an hour.  The simple tail up/wing up signs of lift made spotting lift simple and the Willow’s handling really makes it easy to put it in the lift.
  My old Sting gave me hours of flying in lift tight lift and my W2 really reminds me of those flights, a different hill and some time ago but it does seem faster.  I’m not convinced it’s great practise for Slopeglide but a warm summer evening’s flying can’t be a bad thing and I think I am starting to understand Peak Hill!

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