Thursday, 14 August 2014

SlopeGlide and new toys

  A weekend at Slope glide and it was great to see Martin and Joel put their models through their paces.  Tight courses flown with a positive G maintained really showed the way to do this sport.  A special mention has to go to Martin who’s puncture, late arrival and having too walk up Mickies with his models and part of a course didn’t slow him down- Joel carried the clip board!
Stefan and his Jaz looked great all day

  There’s nothing like race conditions to get your model properly and by the end of the race My Willow 2 was really impressing me.  The straight line speed of the Willow has been impressing me for months but with the CG now back at 106mm she was turning really well.  The Willow 2 managed to keep it’s fantastic handling and kept on being so easy to drive around the sky with out a hint of biting me back.

  Coming home and I got to collect a box of new Willow 2 models.  I have a new tail and wing for myself in this box.  I’m tempted to do a build blog because the quality of these models is simply stunning.  The elevator is stiff, light and strong but the wings, with the next flush control horns a works of art.  I’ll be getting the new up-graded Willow 2 in the air very soon.

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