Monday, 23 November 2015

A day out and Mark's Willow Maiden

  No pictures from this weekend but a stunning day on Aggies on Sunday.  The plan to get some air time in before the foam arrived didn’t go totally smoothly as the wind swung around for most of the morning.

  The delay in flying gave me chance to catch up with Roger- worth the trip alone!

  As so as the weather was flyable the Willow 2 was the first away again and soon cruising about.  It’s cheating flying a model like the Willow 2, in marginal conditions when parts of the slope are working and other not the pure distance that you can travel from lift to lift always amazes’ me.
  As the Air build up I had chance to add some ballast for a flight.  With only 500G she really did feel on step and so smooth and slippery.

  I know that family commitments will mean no Champ of champs for me this year and so the winter's flying will be more about fun and picking the odd race.

  At the opposite side of the country Mark treble was maidening his Willow 2 and I a comp- you have to admire his confidence!  He was doing well until a receiver battery issue had him strength testing the model.  Here’s a few of his build pictures- lovely work!

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