Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Willow vs the Weather

    After being restricted to a couple of light air days flying since the Welsh Open I wasn’t going to miss out on the 40MPH wind forecast for this weekend.

  The Low cloud meant that my new red winged Willow 2 was the ‘sensible’ option, ignoring that I haven’t flown this model before.  Phil Taylor and his Ceres were to be the warm up and cloud base finders.  Unfortunately Phil’s flight only lasted about 10 seconds as he managed to flick 4.5kg of model in to Devon slope.

  This did mean that he was available to launch for me.  I can’t explain how much I enjoyed the flight.  Not a click of trim and the Willow 2 was away, I’d only put around 1kg of the ballast in but she was making good progress and really building up speed.  Hands off on the edge?  Yep she just tracks on and gets faster and faster- More proof that it’s my thumbs which have been slowing down the Willows for all this time.

  I was able to play with a number of different turn styles, each one done well kept her screaming around the slope.  It was noticeable just how little flex or control fade I had.  The Willow 2 remained crisp, smooth and fast through everything.

  A few high turns in later flights showed that the cloud base was coming down.  It’s an un-nerving feeling to watch your model disappear into the grey!  It would take more than that to take the smile off my face!


  Great flying

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