Monday, 16 December 2019

Just for the fun of it

  A full day’s racing so close to Christmas wasn’t possible this weekend but as my fingers went numb and my phone battery dead on Saturday afternoon it didn’t seem that bad a plan to just have a few on the slopes.  I don’t think it was me but soon after I arrived at the slope the other pilots left, muttering something about brass monkeys and I had the evening air to myself.  The plan was to fly the SOR and the Merlin but as the evening sun became hazy enough to get the Merlin away again I was having just too much fun to put it down and fly the SOR.

  With 1kg of ballast it was a great lesson in driving through the turns and building the energy either leg after leg or as I just screamed around the sky.  The Merlin does remind me of my old Compacts- (or is set up like one) and after flying this one around the world I should be used to it by now.  Balanced and solid feeling in every respect.  I know that I should have been practising bunts to gain energy from the slope but the thermal camber just made things too easy when I did want to slow down and gain height into the wind.

  The sheer pleasure of flying meant that my headlights came on as I started to try and warm up in the car.  I wonder if the money saved not shopping will justify the 450usd for a spare Merlin?  Smiles for your buck the Merlin must be worth it😊

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