Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Steady progress on the new molds

   The cold weather is slowing down the preparation of the new molds.  With a project like this, its better to make it right than make it quick.

  I can't wait to get my hands on the new toy and my first full production Harrier too.  I could have a building fest over Christmas.


  1. Hi Ian, have you a price and date yet for the Harrier ?

  2. The Harrier is available. I believe its $550 for the carbon wing. Have a look at 'Get your own model' for more details.


  3. Hi Ian, yes have heard back from your man in China and yes it’s 550 but in which currency ? Also if you have one it would be great to see one up close !
    We did meet on the cliffs at Sidmouth during late summer.

  4. Hi Simon
    I've been flying the almost nothing but the Harrier, I'm hoping to get out this week. I'm more than happy to show off the model

    $550 USD

  5. Hi Ian, thanks ! Would like to have close look at the airframe before placing a order, which I would like to do in January.

    Speak soon