Saturday, 10 September 2011

Artist vs Willow

A week from my 3 day pass to the Welsh Open and I've finished my Willow.  I can't think of any other model that I would even considder racing in a Eurotour event 5 days from completion but the Willow gives me that option.

  With a good 30mph+ on Wiz Cliff it was time to play with the Artist and Willow in similar and fun air!  Do you ever just pause and think how lucky we are? Carrying the Willow and Artist to the edge I certainly did!

  With 800g of lead and land outs just not an option the Willow was away and, it was just stunning.  Energy retention, handling and speed- yes that's the one!  But lets fly the Artist anyway....

  Crisp, smooth fast and so much fun the Artist was cutting through the air- that has to be thr one right?

  After an evening of swapping between the 2 I just can't separate them.  (in carry-on style) it's like trying to decide between your wife and Girlfriend.

  They'll both be coming to Wales with me!

1 comment:

  1. The Willow looks good.

    Sounds like she carries ballast well.

    Can't wait to get an in depth report. Are you planning on posting one? Would probable help the cause as there's not too much out there on it.