Saturday, 17 September 2011

day 2

Just back from a long day flying the bomb hole westerly slope.  Excellent winds for most of the day.  It did swing from square on to 20 degrees either side.  After finishing off round 2 from yesterday- i think frank won the second group with a 37.XX.

  Between rain, sleet, hail and gales we finally gave up on round 5 with 10 pilots to go.  Its clear that steady 41/42 times just won't cut it.  Regular sub 40s are needed to top 10 and those cunning Nordic flyers have been practising.  Stefaan B. finally broke his 40 second duck and now just won't go over 40 seconds.

  I've been ripping it up with the artist, (as I've sold the willow with a 'in one piece' promise)  she's perfomed extremely well all race.

can't wait for the scores and a pint


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