Friday, 16 September 2011

welsh open day 1

just time for as quick report.  After a morning of clag on the back of tyhe wrecker the proactive decission to move to Mickies as made and after a short time we had good winds and the round starting.  a flurry of 40'Swere posted (lets brush over my firsty flight)  Adam richardson's 34 second run with the vampire stands out.

  round 2 and i had the artist 3 settled down to delivver a 41second run- good for my thumbs and the artists natural pace was showing.  after 38 pilots the rain came back and round 2 was declared to be group scored.  Sorry I was sheltering so i don't know where or if my score counts.

  Spare a thought for Scot ravenscroft, with pilots on a waiting list to race here, team barbarian is down to team BAR...... 

more tomorrow

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