Friday, 13 January 2012

Prize Willow!

  One of the things I did at slopeRacer that I’m most proud of was the development of the Winter league champions of Champions race.  The race will be held at the Hole of Horcumin 2012 in the very capable hands of Jon Edison on March 31st and April 1st .
  It’s great that the race has been able to develop as more than a SlopeRacer event and I believe is a valuable part of the soaring calendar.  It was really good to hear from Tony Fu that he’s going to continue supporting this event and between us we have been able to come up with a Willow F3F as the top prize this year.  The Willow was developed very much with British racing in mind so it's great to be able to support the sport.
  Lets hope othe UK suppliers also get behind the race this year- some servos lad?
 I’ll be off to practise then

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