Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Willow goes KST

  I know that the Willow has been designed to take lower cost servos.  With all the talk of those new hyper fast metal boxed servos I was tempted.  Seeing the KST lower priced alternative, the Yorkshire man in me came to the fore.

  Well, they're fitted, wiggling and field tested.  They have the controls waggling faster than HS85s alright.  The hold and accuracy of the servos is excellent and more than up to it.  First flights suggest that the Willow does seem faster on the elevator in particular but I'll spend a lot more air time before making any rash judgements.

Nice servos these!


  1. Which KST's did you use Ian, and where from please?

  2. Another question Ian, does the Tony Fu bearing kit fit the KST's?