Sunday, 1 January 2012

What a start to the new year

  With the Willow now starting to prove itself on the racing circuit opportunities to get my own carbon D box set up ad best be taken.  With my trust in M link I had the car running before the missus had finished saying 'Why don't you go out flying this morning'.

  So new year day morning, with dog walkers being joined by increasing number of new year paddlers the Willow was hurled off Wiz Cliff- with the tide in the slope was at it's smallest and the land out options not an option.  I love flying this site, simply no-where to hide with exuses, if you get it right you go fast and if you don't you slow down.  3 hours, several tweaks and an easing hangover later the Willow felt like it was really going!

  Now for a race and dreams of the next Willow sub 40!

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