Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A dash to the welsh open

After my radio horrors at SlopeGlide a few weeks ago the call went to my friend and manufacturing partner to put an extra model in the latest shipment for me- it's just arrived.

As it's pooring with rain I've not been able to have too much of a fondle in my works car park but the quality has stepped up that bit again- stiffer, lighter smoother (all withhout any scales but they're feeling great.  I love the 2 piece tail models- It's a very biased view but they have 'the look'.

  I've already got he wiring loom made and inner nose cut so 2 weekends and a few evening's building to go before the race so that team Willow can have some more Willows- some year I'll be ready for the race with an old model!

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