Monday, 6 August 2012

So what have we learnt at the weekend?

  After coming home with a slightly soggy smile across my face I remembered how much I love 2 day races and full weekends on a slope (ahh do you remember the days of 60inch on the Saturday and F3F on the Sunday).  Huge thanks to Martin and AJ for getting the comp going and keeping us all under some control.
  SlopeGlide really showed me that you have to practise and fly new ways to keep up with those big boys but the variability of the back of the Wrecker means that you’re always in with a chance of a good time or a land out.  With 5 pilots bringing Willows to the comp I was really pleased to see them go and felt much happier when one of those lads got a good time rather than me.
Mike Evans did promise me if I wore gloves then launching his Alliaj wouldn't leave a rash

  Class will out and after 2 more rounds on Sunday and Joel West took the competition- congratulations!  But it’s the joy of British F3F that you always feel in with a shout of winning a round.
  The 2 biggest things I learnt this weekend is that being outside in a torrential thunder and lightening storm is very scary- Especially being sat under an umbrella (Lightening conductor) trying to work out if you can use Mike Shelim as an insulator around the umbrella’s metal pole.
  Most importantly is that the aerial of a multiplex evo pro transmitter can become unscrewed inside the case and cost you 2 models before you realise this.  Go and check yours- Now!  But you should have a Wizard compact in the car for such traumas, as there’s no other model that can bring a smile to your face quite like a Compact.

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