Saturday, 4 August 2012

slopeglide's gone wrong

A full day on the slope, I'm justy off the pub for a drink after an eventful day.  I have to admit that the only time that I got good aor was round 12 and the 4 months since my lasty race showed- even with a 150m course the Willow was fast enough to compensate for me.

  Jack cubbit has moved in land and Frank has had some un with his willow. 

Poor air was put into place as my last flight in round 5 proved to be the last flight of my willow.  After the aero comp slipped away as the wind eased away I drove to Mickies for a con fidence boosting flight with the spare.  And within 30 seconds my radio problem was revieled as the transmitter- No more willows- but thanks to dave wright for scrambling down for it.

3 range tested and a 2.4module taken out, cleaned and put back in my radio has me looking at my beloved Compact thinking- should I?

Well it's on charge so lets see how I feel in the morning.

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