Saturday, 15 September 2012

day 2

Another quick up-date after yesterday's 3 60 second times had me down in 39th the wind being back on ickies westerly hill but the wind more square to the hill at lest gave me the chance to redeme myself.  I think i did and scraped up a few places.

  The willows have carved up the air superbly well for all the pilots using them- I think 7 pilots ot of 42 are willowing.  Jack cubbit is getting bored of 43 second times and john philips has performed his usual agressive style with the Willow.

15-20 mph of cold wind today has made 6 rounds a long old day.  There have been a good sprinkling of sub 40's but these have been spread around the 'usual suspects' so its hard to say who is up there- I think knewt is delivering ther goods.

  what as day!

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