Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cold but fast winds!

  I’ll be pulling the winter league scores together here again this year and showing those people in line for the champion of champions race.  It’ll be a willowing winter again for me! 
These are the dates that I have.  I'll put them on their own page through the winter.  It will be good to see see everyone and get some good flying.

Sat 17th Nov
Sat 15th Dec
Sat 19th Jan
Sat 16th Feb
Sat 16th Mar
10 November
8 December
12 January (clash with HOH)
9 February
9 March
South of England
11 November- Whitesheet
9th December- Eastbourne
January 13thFebruary 10th
3th Nov 2012
1st Dec 2012
5th Jan 2013
2nd Feb 2013
2nd Mar 2013
Reserve Dates
16th Feb 2013
16th Mar 2013

18th November 2012
16th December 2012
20th January 2013
17th February 2013
17th March 2013
Don't forget!

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